Enterprise Oxbow Anchorage

We depart Tina’s at 7:00 a.m. and proceed down the Cape Fear river a short distance until we can pick up the ICW. The day started off sunny and the temperature was 62 degrees however the water temperature was only 55. That should have been our first clue the day was not going to be as predicted. Two hours later we arrive at Lockwood’s Folly Inlet to take advantage of the rising tide. This area is a notorious spot for shoaling which this year has been made all the worse with Hurricane Matthew.  We watch as a North bound shrimper starts and stops through the channel. He finally tells us he can’t figure out the channel with the temporary buoys. After some discussion, we pass on Active Captain, and Bob 423’s comments and watch the shrimper squeak through with minimal problems. We then proceed through and with the delay gain a bit more depth through the channel. However, I am starting to see some tendrils of fog drifting in across the inlet. The next several hours finds us in light fog, thick fog, rain and back and forth. Unfortunately, there is no place to pull over to anchor to wait out the fog and we pass through Myrtle Beach but see nothing.  Finally, as we approach the Barefoot landing bridge the fog lifts and we have clear sailing to our anchorage at enterprise oxbow. Interestingly we had picked up a fourth boat who was following us using his radar and occasionally my stern light. Once the fog lifted his comment was, I have been following you for 4 hours and never noticed that you had green colored canvas on the back deck. Now that was some fog! Enterprise was a nice calm anchorage and we spent some well-deserved down time enjoying the scenery and the sunset.