Beaufort River, SC Anchorage

We depart again at first light to arrive at the Ben Sawyer bridge at low tide to avoid having to wait for an opening. Soon after we find ourselves crossing the Charleston harbor and are marveling at the mega yachts that we see tied up in the marinas.  We are also able to get under the Wappoo creek bridge without having to call for an opening and soon find ourselves at Elliot’s cut. This is a narrow channel between the Stono River and the Charleston river. As we are travelling with the tide at this point I quickly find we are travelling at almost 10kts through the channel with the boat in idle! This is warp speed for a Krogen, but as all things must end, we are quickly in the Stono river travelling at a much more sedate 6Kts.  We make our way across the salt marshes to our intended anchorage in the Beaufort river and quickly get the anchors down to enjoy what is left of twilight.