Big Tom Creek Anchorage

Again, at first light we are pulling in the anchors and moving. The men detect a bit of, shall we say, less than enthusiasm from the ladies. We decide not to pay too much attention to it and decide to continue pushing on South in search of warmer weather. The day finds us moving more through very winding salt marsh rivers and moving away from the heavily forested areas we had been in.  In some case we can see a sailboat that appear to be right across from us but due to the winding nature of the river it takes almost an hour to arrive at that position.  About 4 hours after leaving Beaufort we are now crossing the Savannah river and into the Wilmington river. Our next draw bridge is the Sam Varnedoe which at 21 feet must be opened for our boat which is 32 feet. However, the bridge tender decides that no he won’t open because clearly, I am well below 21 feet. After some much terse conversation back and forth he finally decides to open the bridge. This is very unusual since all the bridge tenders we have talked to up to this point have been extremely courteous and professional. We chalk it up to a bad day and quickly move through the bridge. Because of the extensive flooding this area had received from Hurricane Matthew we are now in a strict no wake zone. This was even more reinforced by the local police boat who escorted us for the next hour to ensure we didn’t create one! Our luck with the tides continues as we clear the notorious Hell Gate with plus 6 feet. Two hours later finds us dropping anchors in Big Toms Creek and watching a beautiful sunset.