Jekyll Island Anchorage

The sun is breaking the horizon so the anchors must be coming up! I have to say that washing down the anchor in the morning when it is 40 degrees out will certainly wake you up. We are off to Jekyll Island for another nigh at anchor and hopefully some warmer weather. Two hours into the trip we are hailed by Pat and Becky on Turas who had spent time with us in Deltaville. Because of the winding nature of the grass we can talk to them but never see them! They are headed to Brunswick for a few days and then down to Florida. We continue to play the tides and find ourselves crossing the Mud River, another notorious bad spot, at high tide with no problems. This is a relatively short day as we are anchored by 4:00 p.m. We need to plan the tides tomorrow for Fernandina Beach which is probably the worst shoaling spot on the ICW.