Pine Island South Anchorage

This day finds us with another long day of 65NM to travel so again at first light we are moving. We travel down the Cumberland river and are soon passing the King’s Bay naval base. There is a wide security zone enforced with several armed patrol boats to ensure we don’t wander too close. Trust me we don’t even think about it.  Four hours after leaving Jekyll Island we find ourselves crossing into Florida and entering the Fernandina Beach area. We had plotted Bob 423’s waypoints from active captain the night before so we were pretty confident we would make it through this very tricky spot. Bon voyage was in the lead with us second and Freydaze third. Bon Voyage gets to the first waypoint when he announces his chart plotter had just died. I now had to talk Bon Voyage through the next several waypoints trying to match his position off my radar and the way points on our chart plotter. Needless to say, it was a tense few minutes. We all managed to safely maneuver through the area and the rest of the day is rather uneventful. We do notice a lot of damage from Hurricane Matthew through this area though. By 5 p.m. we are dropping anchors in the Pine Island South anchorage.