The Rebellion

If you have been noticing over the past several days our group has been getting up at the crack of dawn and travelling until dark and anchoring. The ladies have now decided that this is enough and we are going to spend the night at a Marina have a good meal and a long hot shower. A quick check of the charts show that St. Augustine is only 11 miles away so off we go. As this is Florida we expect the day to get much warmer, we aren’t disappointed as the temperature raises to a balmy 26 degrees.  What the heck is this! We quickly arrive in St. Augustine and while the other boats head for slips we decide to fuel, pump out and add water to the boat. A wise choice as you will see later. The rest of our group decides they will refuel, and pump out in the morning before we leave. Bon Voyage decides we can leisurely spend the day and not have to depart until around 10 a.m. the next morning. We tour the area and meet up with our group for a great dinner and some good conversation. We are in bed by Krogen midnight with dreams of good night sleep. For some reason, I decide to keep my cell phone next to the bed instead of in the pilot house. 5 a.m. the next phone the phone is shrieking and I quickly grab it. It is Bon Voyage apologetically stating, I misread the tide tables and we must leave before 7 in order to make the Fort Matanzas channel at high tide.