Hoggs Cove

I get up early this morning since it is our last day and I want to enjoy the sun rising. I am drinking coffee on the back deck when I am startled by some loud breathing right next to the boat. Since it is still dark I have to grab a flashlight as I am concerned someone is in the water. A quick search reveals nothing when I hear it again. It soon becomes apparent it is dolphins swimming around the boat. While we have seen them several times in the past this was the first time it was so quite you could hear them breathing. After a few minutes, they move on and the anchorage is silent. I watch the sun come up and prepare to get our anchors up by 7.  Soon we are underway to Hoggs Cove to spend the night before the group goes it separate ways. We arrive at Hoggs Cove by 4:30 and enjoy a nice night before heading into Stuart where we will spend the next several months. This is the end of our first southerly ICW trip. We have had a great time and are sorry to see the group split up but we know we will see everyone again this spring on the Chesapeake.