Rockhouse Creek

We pulled anchors and were underway by 7:15 as we had 45 miles to go today to our anchorage at Rockhouse creek. The wind was still blowing although not as intense as the day before. Rockhouse creek is the spot where we had had difficulties in setting the anchor on our trip south. Our day found us traversing under the NASA railway bridge, the Addison Point bridge and up to the NASA haul over bridge.  As we were approaching this bridge there appeared be a lot of confusion on the radio about the bridge but what it was sounding like was that the bridge was not able to open. Now this is a new wrinkle as nothing was noted on any information and we both boats needed the bridge to open in order to pass under it. As we got closer it was finally determined that what the bridge operator was trying to say, although not very clearly was that the right side of bridge could not open but that the left side was in the full open position and would not be closing. Relieved to hear that we continued pushing on to Rockhouse. We pulled into Rockhouse around 2 pm and found the wind was blowing pretty strong by now and that there were at least five other boats in this rather small anchorage. We picked a spot between a sailboat another trawler and the numerous crab pots in an attempt to anchor. After about an hour we found ourselves dragging and could not get the anchor to set. Because we still had plenty of daylight left we decided to abandon this anchorage and push up to the Halifax marina. We have decided to permanently remove this spot as an overnight anchorage for us. Good Life passed on to us later the next day that another boat attempted to anchor where we were and that they also ended up dragging around two in the morning. Our adventure for the day was not complete however, because as we turned into the narrow channel for the Halifax marina a rather large river boat, the ones used for gambling was headed out. The captain asked if I could reverse course and move back into the deeper water on the Halifax river so he could pass. This was easier said than done as by now we had 20 knots of wind directly on our beam pushing us out of the channel. As I started the turn a number of alarms now started sounding. A quick check showed I had plenty of depth under the boat but I was finding it extremely difficult to maneuver the boat. Of course, the river boat is getting closer and closer when I figure out that I had left the autopilot on and It was fighting me for control of the boat. What a rookie mistake. Once I disengaged the autopilot the boat was much easier to control and we soon cleared the outgoing traffic and were headed into the marina. Now the real fun started as our directions were something like this, Last Mistake proceed up the xyz fairway, turn left at the sailboat, turn right at the abc fairway, proceed to the 3rd fairway on your left, spin the boat around for a starboard tie-up, any questions. After we both looked at each other my response was, Hey gang, pretend that we have never been here before, which we haven’t, and have someone walk us through each turn as we approach it please. That seemed to work much better and we were soon tied in for the night. The beer was exceptionally tasty that night!