The plan for today was to depart around 8:30 in order to give Good Life a chance to get closer to us as they were about an hour south of us in Rockhouse creek. The wind was much less although the forecast was for rain and thunderstorms. We started out and soon found ourselves calling for the opening of the Main street bridge. After clearing the bridge, we settled down to enjoy a slow trip up to the Marine land marina and as it was only 28 miles away we were in no hurry. After about an hour I noticed that the sky was getting darker and looking at the radar I couldn’t believe it. The only thunderstorm in 40 miles is parked right over the ICW and it is raining so hard all you can see is one big red blob on the radar. Well there is no place to pull over and anchor so it looks like we are getting a free boat wash. Luckily there was no lighting in the general area and no other traffic on the river so for the next two hours we were in and out of some very heavy rain. We were surprised when we did see a sailboat appear out of the mist headed south with some poor person on the bow soaked to the skin as the lookout. I waved through the enclosed and very dry pilot house, and I received a wave back, although it appeared to be the one finger wave. Our luck held with the lighting until right as we approached the slip in Marine land when all heck broke loose. The dockhands sprinted off the dock and left us to fend for ourselves. Luckily someone on a sailboat next to us jumped off their boat grabbed a couple of lines and quickly tied us in until the storm passed. Good Life showed up about then so we all gave them a hand in docking and were soon enjoying some docktails and touring the area. We learned some of the history of marineland and found that the old series sea hunt had been filmed there. The marina was undergoing extensive renovations with new floating docks and buildings so it will be intersting to see what it looks like this fall.