Palm Cove Marina

We are going to meet up with LaLi in Palm cove and the three boats will travel together for the next several days. We are excited as Poppy, the boat dog on LaLi, is one of our favorite Krogen dogs and we haven’t seen her since March. We need to plan on the timing for the bridge of Lions in St. Augustine, clearing the Mantanzas inlet as well as arriving at dead high tide into the Palm cove to clear the channel. We depart at 10 and find that the Mantanzas inlet has been dredged and with the new buoyage it is not the knuckle biter it had been this past fall. Good Life has us quickly slowdown to time our arrival at the bridge of Lions and we find ourselves arriving with three minutes to spare. Great timing and with minimal fuss we are soon under the bridge and on our way to Palm cove. We arrive at 4:30 and wait a bit as the tide increases. Good Life proceeds up the channel and we are soon following. Because the sun is setting and we are headed due west I can barely make out the channel markers which is just as well since the colors have faded so bad you can’t tell which is green or red. We just keep centered between the post and are soon tied into our slip. Poppy is excited to see us, may have something to do with the dog treats, and we are soon enjoying the evening and comradery of all.

Palm Cove marina behind Good Life and LaLi on the right.